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Trans-West is proud to provide professional, courteous, and fully-trained Security Officers to municipalities and businesses across California. Our security services include qualified executive management, 24/7 supervision and dispatch, policies & procedures, and complete transparency to ensure compliance. 

Trans-West and its clients can monitor officer and account activity using FormForce, a proprietary web and mobile-based reporting system that allows real-time access to all in-the-field data. This software is a critical part of Trans-West's operations and provides the transparency and accountability expected in today's modern world. 

Standing Guard Services

Vehicle Patrol

Standing Guards are trained to assist with access control, safety/compliance inspections, hazard inspections, lockup/unlocks, incident response (medical, fire, security), and a wide variety of other tasks and responsibilities. 

Vehicle Patrol officers drive highly visible, hybrid vehicles to perform exterior patrols of businesses and residential neighborhoods (HOAs). These teams are skillfully trained in observation and de-escalation and are used to deter crime including theft and vandalism. 

Screening Services

Transportation Services

Screeners are responsible for COVID-19 screening and access control, including the greeting of customers, performing temperature checks, administering screening questionnaires/badge reviews, and reporting anomalies to management or designated team members. 

Transportation services for hospitals/medical facilities, executive staff, airport shuttling, etc. All transportation services are thoroughly documented and include start and end times, locations of pickup/delivery, mileage, and geotagged/timestamped photos and signatures. 

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